CiTi Partnership

CiTi (Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative) leads Cape Town’s efforts to develop a globally competitive, thriving and equitable future-fit technology and innovation economy. CiTi is a non-profit social impact organisation.
The Bandwidth Barn, a CiTi subsidiary, is the largest technology incubator in Africa. CAPACiTi, another CiTi initiative, is the most successful technology careers accelerator in Africa, and has already placed over 1000 young and previously unemployed adults, into technology jobs and lasting careers. Joshin, iKineo’s founder, is the chairperson of CiTi and the Bandwidth Barn, and has been part of CiTi’s journey since its inception in 1999. Today Cape Town, is ranked as the number 1 innovation and technology city in Africa. CiTi is expanding its work and impact to other South African and African cities.
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